Monday, June 24, 2013

Day 13 - I Was Tested

Last night I went over to my step-daughters house for dinner. She made salmon, asparagus and brown rice. She told me she got me dessert. My ego went crazy saying things like “you will offend her if you don’t eat her dessert, just eat a little. I was ill prepared. If I would have known ahead of time I could have prepared myself and already had the smack down talk with my ego, telling it No! We ate dinner. The salmon was cooked to perfection. Dessert consisted of cute little tarts, one lemon and the other fruit. My ego really wanted me to eat them. I could feel my heart racing. I told myself “I’m in control of my life, NOT my ego. All I have to do is change my mind.” I took a deep breath, then I remembered a book I had read called, “Why French Women Don’t Get Fat”. The author talked about having just three bites, this is why French women stay thin. They just take three bites of everything they want. So I told my ego, “We are only going to have 3 bites.” I took the first bite of the lemon one, very sweet. I savored it, tasted it completely. I sat back in my chair and continued to enjoy it. Then I took a bite of the fruit one, yummy not as sweet. I sat back again, away from the table and tasted all the flavors. My daughters were eating the tarts as well. For my third and final bite, I chose the fruit one again. It was delicious, and I could tell it wasn’t as yummy as the first bite. I was done. I stopped, didn’t have any more. I heard my ego say, “You didn’t keep your word! You can’t be trusted, you totally blew it! You’re never going to release that weight. You can’t even say no to dessert.” I disagreed. I re-negotiated in my mind and made a new choice. I’ll continue on my next blog entry.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Day 12 - I discovered an interesting feeling

I'm finding this feeling I'm having very interesting... Lately, I’m not as hungry. I’m noticing overall I’m less hungry than when I first started eating this way. When I first started, I remember I was afraid I’d be hungry, so I made lots of food. I didn't want to be hungry! I was actually scared I would be. Now, when I feel hunger, it’s not a panic feeling--just a pang, not a deep scary pang. They say hunger is in the mind. I wonder... I think the ego was telling me I was hungrier than I was. My ego was telling me I needed more food. Now that I’m not listening to the ego, I'm actually less hungry....

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Day 11 - What Would of Happened If I'd Listened

Woke up this morning and my ego started talking, It said, “you don’t want to make a salad for lunch today—that’s boring. Just skip the green drink, and your smoothie. It takes too much time to make all that stuff. I made my tea as I always do, I just kept moving ahead doing my normal routine. I opened my lap top and brought up Pandora. I started listening to  some groovy tunes, started moving my hips to the chopping of my knife as I cut the celery. As I kept doing, moving, creating my food, I got happier. I felt free. I felt my body become more energized. By the time I was done getting my food together for the day I had forgotten what the ego was talking about. I just had a thought.... What if I would have listened to the ego?
 How would my day have been?

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Great Tip - Great Habits To Make Your Own

Great tips: I’ve studied thin people and they are not thin by accident. They have their habits to staying thin. 1. when eating out, have watery soup or salad before the main course. I love to share my food, soup, salad, main course with a close friend or special honey. This way my mind feels like I ate a lot but I didn’t. And I really like the variety of small amounts of different foods. 2. when you dish up, do a smaller amount of food, then if not satisfied, you can eat more . 3. Eat three main meals. 4 hours between breakfast and lunch, 5 hours between lunch and dinner. with two small snacks in between if you need to 4. When we eat out, portions are normally double what we need. Eat what you like, just less of it. 5. When we’re dehydrated the body can feel like its hungry, when we really are just thirsty. Drink 2 quarts a day. Add lemon, orange, mint, basil or cucumber for a flavor fun! (I like to blend cucumber with maybe orange or basil, then pour it through a strainer into a class and add ice. Yum! 6. Put down your fork in between bites. Its so fun to relax and enjoy my food. 7. Eating in front of the TV could create an auto response every time the TV is on. That auto response of hearing the TV can make you hungry. 8. If I’m going out to a party, I’ll make myself a high fiber protein drink before I go totaling around 200 calories. That way I won’t be hungry and set myself up to listen to my ego, and make wrong choices. 9. Eat within the hour of waking up. This starts your metabolism and prevents your adrenals from firing to bring up your blood sugars. 10. Exercise isn’t everything. 90% of weight loss is diet. 11. Having a meal of hummus, crackers, yogurt, etc., is that these 'snack for meals' often end up being more calories than having a balanced dinner." It just takes planning and a little effort. 12. Eating before bed is futile. You'll sleep deeply on an empty stomach. We don’t need the calories or boost in metabolism if were just going to sleep. 13. Put your snacks (popcorn, apples, soup, nuts, cheese, etc) onto a plate or bowl so you can tell how much you’re consuming, otherwise who knows 14. Artificial sweeteners increase cravings for more sugar and lead to bloating and fatigue. Go for one teaspoon of raw sugar, honey, maple syrup, agave, or coconut sugar. One teaspoon is only sixteen calories. I like xylitol, and stevia (I get these at the health food store, zero calories)

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Day Ten - Farmers Market Fun

Got up and turned on my hot water for my tea. Yum! I love what I create for myself every morning. 5 minutes later after the tea has steeped to full flavor maturity, I add a little raw whole milk, little stir with a spoon. Ahhh--that first sip is heaven.

Its  Sunday morning, getting ready, got my cloth carry bags in the car. Now I’m off to collect my fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, beef, chicken and lamb at the Farmers Market. Fresh picked blueberries were there today. Cherries were ripe and red. I also got zucchini, fresh red onions, mushrooms, Swiss chard, asparagus, beets with their tops, lettuce, parsley, cilantro, and lemons. This is my practice to go every week and buy my fresh gifts from Mother Nature. There are two Farmers Market in Sacramento. Saturday's 8-1 20th & J st, (new one) Sundays 8-1 on 5th between W and X Street under the freeway. (all year)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Day Nine - Who is That Talking in Your Head?

I was working with a client who wanted to release weight and be a size 8 again. I asked her on a scale of 1 to 10 how much she wanted to be a size 8 again? She replied, “10”. I also asked how willing she is to do whatever it takes to get there? She said “10”. This was her true spirit, her hearts desire answering those questions.  Then, it was time to begin the daily fun of honesty and accountability. I asked her to email me her food for the day. This way she could be accountable to someone and plan ahead all of her food choices to win at our game of releasing weight.
The next day she emailed her food choices for the day before our deadline of 8:00 AM.
The next morning I didn’t hear from her. Later that evening she called and said, this just isn’t going to work for me. Her ego voice got to her. The ego doesn't want her to change anything. The ego had her right where it wanted her, getting everything it wanted just like a spoiled brat child. The ego threw a fit when she wanted to change. The ego yelled and told her all the reasons why she couldn’t release the weight and have a better life.  Remember, there are only two voices you hear--that of the ego or that of God. What ever you chose to call the higher power or spirit, it’s of Love, it’s of your true hearts desire. It is a choice to change your mind, to say NO to the ego, and do what you want, to have your hearts desire, to have energy all the time, to be happy, to be free, to be at peace, to look wonderful, to feel great, to be your perfect weight!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Day Eight - How are my pants fitting?

My regular pants do feel looser on me today. I’m not going to weigh until June 1st, which is one month from when I started my fun adventure of releasing weight.  This is what I did when I released over 100 pounds back in 2008. I have discovered that the body will hold onto weight and even go up in weight slightly before it releases more weight again. That is why I choose to only weigh once a month. If I were to weigh weekly and didn’t release any weight that week, I know my ego would have a field day telling me that I should be losing more weight. And what if I happen to weigh on the day the scale goes up, before I release weight again? I will surly be informed by my ego that its all a waste of time, and that all of my efforts are in vain. It might say, “your too old to lose weight, your metabolism is slower, your in menopause, why do you want to lose weight anyway, you look great as you are, just go have a cookie, a candy bar, some chips, or ice cream and be happy”. My ego, of course, also thinks I should drop weight fast, that I should release 10 pounds in 10 days. Losing that much weight that fast is possible yes, but highly unlikely, and of course the ego is unrealistic and insane anyway! So again, I just change my mind. I decide that I’m having fun releasing weight. I’m having fun eating such yummy food.
 This change of mind and thinking keeps my ego quite.....